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At Auto Recode We have a range of services to suit your needs:


• Lost Car Keys Replaced
• Locked vehicles opened
• Spare car keys
• Broken key retrieval
• Crash data Reset
• Immobiliser repair
• Car ECU programming
• Immobiliser Removal
• Car Key Remote Repairs
• Remotes programmed & supplied
• Car opening
• Car key cutting
Lost / Spare car keysAutorecode telford shropshire
If you only have one key for your car we are able to produce duplicate keys or cards at our premises. Depending on the type of key or transponder used we may able to make a direct copy of your coded car key. This type of car key replacement is produced using on high tec equipment to copy the code onto a new transponder chip. Most new cars however, use an encrypted chip which cannot be copied. In this instance we are able to produce a new key and code it directly to your vehicle using diagnostic tools. Car key locksmith Shrewsbury & Telford
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Crash Data Reset
Autorecode telford shropshire
If your car has been in a accident the car will store data inside the cars air-bag ecu, this is commonly known as “crash data” normally manufactures require you to replace this unit so the car doesn’t know its been in a accident
We can provide a serivce that will wipe the “crash data” from the airbag ecu. This not only saves money but also time as dealers usually need up to 14 working days to get this unit from overseas. Click here to see a sample of the airbag modules we reset.
Car control unit programmingAutorecode telford shropshire
Werther it is a new radio or new engine ecu to a new dashboard. All modules on a car need to talk to each other and match up for a system to run smoothly. On new VAG cars they have brought out a new system called component protection to prevent people using old parts on cars. AutoRecode have a special system which can program used units into cars all in line with the immobiliser so no errors will ever occur with it being the wrong control unit. unsure this is the problem you have? give us a call and we can talk you through the process to tell you if it needs programming into the car.
Dash “def” Repair

We offer a service to repair “DEF” error commonly found on Audi A4 Model mainly when diagnostic work is being carried out on the car or using bad equipment when trying to recalibrate the odometer, Auto-Recode can virginise the dash then program it back into the car for a fee much less than replacing the dash! we offer a range of services and what we list is only a very short list.
Radio Recoding/Decoding

This is the security of your cars radio, basically its a very simple process of what is needed to make a radio work normally its a 4 digit code you enter into a radio and off you go! your favourite radios at your fingertips. But all of that is taken advantage of until we lose the code, if this is the case we can take apart the radio then take a special reading of the microchip on the circuit board of the radio (which is like the brain of the radio)  then we work out the radio code. Different radios work differently such as Peugeot and Citeron they store the cars VIN (Vehicles Identification Number)
SBC Repairmb d
The Sensotronic Brake Control unit is a unique unit. Mercedes-Benz were one of the first vehicle manufacturers to employ a brake-by-wire system on a car (W211, R230). Called sensotronic (SBC), the system no longer relies on the driver to produce hydraulic pressure. The brake pedal is connected to the computer (ECU) by wire (brake-by-wire). The sensors on the brake pedal will inform the computer how the pedal is pressed, for example how far, how fast etc. The computer will then dissipate the required force to each wheel via modulators.
The SBC module counts breaking cycles, after exceeding the value of 300000, an error message occurs. It is a kind of protection for the mechanical parts like the motor, inside the traction system hydraulic unit (A7/3). The contents of the message and the value of cycle limiter differs depending on the software version. It can be for example: “Brake defective stop vehicle”.
The Fault Code (DTC) that is stored is:


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